Meet Cath

I love people from all walks of life, and I love business, especially the stories behind entrepreneurs and their ventures. Having spent almost equal parts  of my career working for companies and as a freelancer - and always sensing a strong entrepreneurial streak within myself - I now combine my strengths and knowledge of both the 'traditional' business world and the entrepreneurial world as the Executive Assistant to an international serial entrepreneur and CEO.

One of the biggest compliments I have received is quite simple: 'Cath, you get things done!' And I do this with enthusiasm, joy and dedication. I'll admit that I started Girls with Guts for quite selfish reasons - to meet other dynamic and enthusiastic women who also want to share their talents, knowledge, stories and time. And now, many conversations down the road with several dynamic women, I know I am not alone in this; so come join Girls with Guts at one of our next dinners or events - I look forward to meeting you!



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