Power of Mind vs Power of Money

October 8, 2018

Sometimes in life it’s better to not have any expectations. You book that table at a restaurant with raving reviews with your expectations set high, and then as the evening unfolds you are perhaps slightly disappointed. Or you read that book that everyone is raving about, and thirty pages in you find that it is, well, somewhat different from what you expected. So when I booked a ticket for a recent Goaldiggers Club Session in Amsterdam I deliberately had no expectations and went along with one goal – to have a great time and learn at least 3 new things.


Goaldiggers is a Dutch platform dedicated to help female entrepreneurs define, set and achieve their entrepreneurial goals. Key words to describe founder Eve Tomaszewski’s Goaldigger’s Club are sharing, empowerment and connection.


The mix of women was, simply put, eclectic. I loved it. I met, to highlight a few,  a co-founder of an online interior design platform, a singer and event manager, a beautician aspiring to start her own beauty product line, a student eager to design a truly sustainable yet fashionable re-useable coffee cup, a burlesque dancer, and a self-taught photographer. All these women’s styles, personalities, openness and talents simply blew me away.


And the 3 things I learned from Eve’s well-organized Goaldiggers Club session?


  1. Women care about money, but more than that they care about having a purpose, building a sustainable and lasting business, and creating value for themselves and others around them. That was the red thread running through the panel discussions, questions and feedback. No talk in any way of how to get rich quick, unlike so many of the annoying sponsored ads that cross


    our social media channels these days. Women genuinely care about Peace of Mind and not so much about Power of Money.

  2. Keep your day job until your entrepreneurial venture starts to generate an income. Many female entrepreneurs think that they need to make the same amount of money with their venture as they do with their day job before they make the . Consider letting go earlier if your venture generates cash and has traction – reducing your lifestyle for a few months will not hurt and by giving yourself more hours to work on your venture you may help grow it faster than if you hang on to your day job for too long. In other words, when you can see new ground under your feet appearing, don’t be afraid to leap.

  3. No one gets there alone. More and more networks for, by and with women are appearing in all shapes and formats, and a network does not have to be huge or highly visible to have an impact. As with most things in life, it’s the small nuggets of wisdom and shared time that bring the most value.


And the advice I passed along to some of the other session attendees?


Never be afraid to ask for help so that you can take the next step for your entrepreneurial venture. Turn the question around – if someone who is genuinely convinced of her or his idea asked you for your advice, knowledge or insight, would you say no? In Dutch we have a wonderful saying for this:  Just ask - you already have a no, so you can only get a yes!

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