Role Models and Mentors

January 29, 2018

Last week I received what I believe is a great compliment - someone referred to me as their role model. It got me thinking about when I was in my twenties and thirties, working on my career, networking, creating stepping stones for myself. And I always had a role model that I looked up to, someone who inspired me, who parted her wisdom with me. Sometimes I spent years working with them, being in their orbit, and at other times they were shorter, briefer encounters where there was a strong connection that I believe served both of us. There were (and still are!) distinct moments of advice, wisdom and often humor with a clear message that hits my core. What I remember most, was that these women really cared; they wanted to share their knowledge and lessons learned.



And now here I am, without really realizing it, offering my advice and lessons learned to others. Looking back it has been a natural, if at times bumpy, progression and process. And the one thing I know for sure: I care. I love sharing knowledge, anecdotes that lead to insight, the highs and the lows, and the small but oh so useful things I learned along the way. And that is how the idea for Girls with Guts was born - no matter what stage of life we are on, we all look for a role model or mentor, and what is so great about the current times is that the idea of a role model having to be an older person is so passé... Two weeks ago I had lunch with a young entrepreneur, and she shared some nuggets of info with me; not only did I find her story fascinating but more than that her attitude to picking herself up after a business partnership turned sour was just what I needed to hear at that moment. Women care and share, the moment is here for a platform where we can be and seek out mentors and role models. Let's start building it!


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