It's all in the timing

January 5, 2018

We tend to think there is such a thing as the perfect time to start a new project, a new business or a new life. For the longest time I also believed this, and lived a large part of my daily life preparing for that "right time" - that it would give me a sign, that I would somehow know, that it would all of a sudden be clear to me. Damned be the piles of self-help and "how to" books and magazine articles I'd read and collected over the years that all concluded the same, albeit wrapped up in different phrases or examples: there is no perfect time. There is only the now.


And you know what? Those rows of self-help and "how to" books and articles are right. There really only is the now. To be in the now and take action now is the single best thing you can do to start a new adventure - be it business or personal. It won't let you down; looking into the past or focusing too much on the future will. So look at what you can do right now to take a first step, to take a first action. It's great to have a plan, and know it will still be there tomorrow even if you dare to take that first step today, right now. Each step takes you forward, some will take you back a little and that is OK. Stay in the now, centered and focused, one step at a time. And one moment you will look up, take a look over your shoulder and see just how far you've come, and as you turn back you will see how much you are enjoying the moment and how it propels you forward to take more steps.


Time seems to stretch forward as joy is in your heart, instead of looking at your to do list and getting anxious about all that still needs to be done, or all the things you did not get done today. Look at that one thing that you did do and realize that that is what is taking you forward; the rest will fall into place.




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