Entrepreneurial perfectionism

November 21, 2017

I got tired of seeing so many of my entrepreneurial dreams being lived and made successful 7 or twelve months later by complete strangers. In my mind the business was up and running, I could literally see it, but I never really executed it beyond the first few steps... So where did I get stuck each and every time? At the very spot where I did not follow my gut and did not show any guts - I let myself get sidetracked by fear and perfectionism. And together these two traits live in this wasteland called self-doubt.







With a new idea in my head I would race ahead, plan the look and feel of the business, define my target customers, imagined my Facebook post to announce this new venture (which of course - yes!!- would be an instant success!), and ... the logo. The logo... If you only knew how much time, money and effort I spent on various logos it would make your toes curl, and not in that good way.


Over the years I learned that entrepreneurial perfectionism only lands you in one place - a dead end street. Not where you want to be. So this time, I did not pine on the logo, did not write a two or 3 page briefing for a designer. Nope. I jotted down the core values of Girls with Guts, hopped onto Fiverr and got it done in no time for a lean budget. Why? Because I followed my gut. I no longer need 3 pages to describe what I want. I needed just this: Empowering entrepreneurial women to meet, communicate and learn from each other in a fun, stylish and dynamic setting.


Done, and that is what I am spending my time on - following my own gut and stepping up to what I want, and more importantly, need. I hope you will join me on this journey!

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