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Girls with Guts?
Girls with Guts!

We are all girls with guts. No matter our age, education level, where we live or any other demographic slice of the pie. We are all girls with guts when we believe in ourselves and choose  what is right for us. Decide on what is right for us, not just once, but as an integral part of who we are.

Whether you work a corporate '9 to 5' job, decide to realize your entrepreneurial dream, or manage the grand central station of all stations - home and family. It all takes guts to make the decision to step up to what the real you wants, needs and is here for.

We see and hear it all around us, it's a time where women are sharing with each other and empowering each other.

Girls with Guts offers women who wish to meet other inspiring and talented women a platform to connect. We host valuable, fun and informative events, and offer you a growing, dynamic and diverse network of female professionals, role models, entrepreneurs, experts and well, just great and bright women who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge, wisdom and integrity.


It's a great journey; come and be part of it!


By my friend A. reflecting on journeys in life:

"A step at a time is a great way to get to a new place."



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